May 09, 2012

CHIC SHACK || our living room

Happy day all! BIG post today - big in my mind anyhow - it’s my pride and joy, the transformation of our living room!  Thought I’d take you on a little tour of one room in our house that we're finally done decorating, however, I’ll warn you, my work is never really done.  I’ll get this out in the open now, I’m THE queen of monochromatic: black, white, gray and gold of course, they are my besties when it comes to colour schemes. 
Here’s a “before” pic of the living room, this is how it was "staged" at the open house.  A veritable blank slate *salivating*.
Before: Living room June 2011
The plan was to create a functional modern glam space that was clearly defined as a living room but also flowed well with the rest of the main floor. Since we're constantly entertaining we designed it to be a practical conversation area too.
After: Living room March 2012
We painted the entire main floor in Benjamin Moore Cement Gray and added a darker accent wall in Benjamin Moore Stone to create depth and importance, this wall is home to our art gallery (an attempt to disguise the T.V). 

We injected hits of colour with yellow, just so it didn’t feel like we were living in a black and white photo. Colour is a stretch for me, I hate committing, but I say hip hip hooray for these velvety, tufted yellow arm chairs nabbed at West Elm. Did you notice the coffee table? My FAVE (brass ram heads) I mean really, a total stunner, found on Kijiji for a whopping $150– Best Brass Find award winner!

And there you have it. There are definitely still tweaks to be made to the decor, I’d like to replace some of the art – truth be told a few frames are filled with decorative paper, got a bit overzealous in a paper shop one day, oops, I think they can be improved, and I’m realizing some more hits of colour might do some good, maybe pillows?


  1. Wow! What an amazing space --well done! Just found your blog. I look forward to following.

  2. Thanks so much! Glad to have your here :)