May 18, 2012

FOUND || antique markets

Over the weekend I went antiquing; one of my top 5 fave things ever!  I hit up 3 different shops in and around my hometown.  It was a successful trip, found some drool worthy treasures, and while I was shopping I realized I’ve developed a bit of a strategy, some rules I live by when I’m rummaging through vintage shops and markets. Here are some tips that help me sift through the junk and find the real gems!
One of a Kind Antique Mall in Woodstock

TIP ||  go where no (wo)man has gone before

I’ve found it’s the little places off the beaten path that have the greatest finds; they may be off the map for some or too dingy for others but for me, the sketchier the better, less picked over and usually a lot more interesting.

TIP  ||  look up, look way up!

These markets can be completely overwhelming, packed to the gills; I keep my head on a swivel. Make a conscious effort to look up. You can find everything from: beautiful light fixtures, funky antlers, retro art, mismatched chairs, and  vintage bikes.

TIP  ||  know when to walk away

If you’re anything like me, you need a storage container for all of your knick knacks; walking away from a find is the hardest part.  Sometimes it’s best to admire a piece, sob a little and put it back, Go with a list and stick to it; if it’s not on the list you probably don’t need it. Trust me I break this rule ALL the time, but I'm getting better, I did walk away from this ridiculously perfect white ceramic jug *sniffle*

TIP  ||  do a lap, then go back

Before I commit I always like to get the lay of the land, see what I'm working with. If the market is really big I take pics for reference to guide me on lap two. Once I’ve made my rounds, I make a beeline back to the items I can’t get out of my head, by this point I’ve already forgotten about some. Note: never leave an item behind if it’s whispering your name, sometimes you just know.

And there you have it, that’s how I roll when it comes to vintage treasure hunts. Here are the gems that came home with me this past weekend (all on my list, except for the pheasant)
Mid Century mod bar cart, silver plated tray, milk glass vases and a crystal candy dish.

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