May 14, 2012

LANDSCAPE CHRONICLES || backyard design scheme

Glorious, glorious, what a wonderful sunny day; seems like the most appropriate time to post our final design for the backyard reno.  Actually, we are pretty lucky, right now the yard is a blank slate and there aren't any major quirks; the only thing that’s staying is the deck which was here when we moved in, but everything else is being primped and polished.  

Main objective for this petite space = create two  functional areas for entertaining, one for  dining and one for lounging.  Since the lawn has been such a nightmare (can't get it to grow) we decided to simply cover the beast with a natural stone patio, problem solved,  this will be the lounge area. This means the dining area will be up top on the walk-out deck (I’m kind of cursing this decision now since I’m having a biatch of time finding a table to fit). 
Here’s a pic from last year before we moved in, didn’t I tell you, total mud pit!  

I’m sooo looking forward to having a sexy space where we can entertain, have a glass of wine or toast marshmallows over the fire pit, can you imagine?  I’m also uber excited to have a real garden, funny as this may seems since I’m a major hazard to the plant world; thankfully hubby spent his summers landscaping during high school. 
I'll leave you with a few pics that inspired us when creating this design; let's hope the backyard looks even half as fab as any of these outdoor dreams. 

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