May 02, 2012

LOVE SHACK CHIC || welcome!

Well hello, thanks for dropping by! I’m beyond excited that I’ve finally made my way to the blogosphere! It’s been on my life “to-do” list for a while now, a creative outlet I’ve been dreaming about.  As a newlywed and first time homeowner there have been tons o’ exciting milestones over the past couple of years and I’ve been dying to share all the juicy details with the people I care about and some new people too (that’s you) who are interested in the same things I love.  ‘What do I love you ask?’, where to begin: interior design, party planning, fun cocktails, baked goods, DIY’s, art deco details, antique markets, home d├ęcor, anything brass, trinkets, lovely tablescapes, the Great Gatsby era, anything with sentimental value, Old Hollywood, black & white, flowers of all kinds (especially peonies), windmills, French toast with mustard (try it) a good bargain, and also a nonsensical splurge (I’m constantly torn).

Let me get you up to speed on how we got here, to this chic little love shack of ours – our first home!  We started dating in 2004, were married in 2010 and bought our first home in 2011. We searched for over a YEAR, in Toronto’s most competitive real estate market for this gem. Because hubby and I are both fanatically fussy we viewed close to 100 homes, our agent Gail can vouch for that (what a patient lady) and made unsuccessful offers on 4 (could be more, lost count, we were beat out in bidding wars…ugh). 

Married July 24th, 2010

When we finally found this place, we almost lost it too, that’s because we nearly burnt it down! Lesson: never turn on the oven during a showing unless you are sure there is no Styrofoam hidden inside; yes, 911 phone call, fire trucks, concerned neighbours on their porches and a panicked MIL – I wasn’t kidding we almost burnt it down! Anyhoo, you burn it, you buy it and we did, one successful offer and this 20 x 95 foot lot was all ours! 
Now that it’s ours, we had to make it our own, make it chic. Over the past few months we’ve transformed this lacklustre full gut reno into a sexy beast… and we’re just getting started.

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  1. Just came across your blog, and I think I'm going to enjoy reading it (albeit it looks like the posts are a few years old). I also live in a Beaches House (on the cusp of Upper Beaches, and The Beaches) that's about 100 years old. Always looking for some inspiration when it comes to design and decor.

    Also, I had the same wedding dress that you did! The Madeira by La Sposa. I LOVED it (although I'm currently trying to sell it). You have good taste ;)