July 08, 2012

FETE || easy weekend brunch

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I sure did.  Saturday was particularly special for me, I hosted a get together with some of my longest standing gf's, we go all the way back to the elementary school playground!  The time together was so lovely, I miss my wing women; we always get together around Christmas, but that's not nearly enough. Thought I would share a few quick pics of the easy, potluck brunch we all enjoyed while dishing the dirt, emphasis on "dirt". I kept things simple, the focus was on friends, but I did get to use some of my favourite pieces and I tried out a new quiche recipe.  

My Vera Wang wedding china with vintage, silver spoon napkin rings.

Pretty hydrangeas in a mason jar
My addiction, vintage tea cups, the colours kill me!

If only every Saturday was filled with brunch and best friends. 

1 comment:

  1. i love love the mismatched vintage teacups, gorgeous idea! looks like you had a fabulous brunch!
    x kat