May 25, 2012

LOVE, LUST, MUST || summer entertaining

Hello all, Happy Friday! I had lots of fun putting together this li'l feature; I have a feeling it will quickly become one of my faves. Love, Lust, Must is centered around a theme, featuring a collection of items I own and want to own, today's theme, summer entertaining.
I’m always on the prowl for chic new items that will make my role as a hostess easier and the experience of my guests better. Here’s a peek at what I stock up on for summer parties.

I obsess over strange things, like salt and pepper shakers for example. I simply adore this stunning, vintage marble set, an essential table item, why not make them easy on the eyes? 
Williams-Sonoma Easy Entertaining, need I say more?  Everyone with at least one domestic bone in their body loves Williams-Sonoma and this book is one of the many reasons why.   It includes drool-worthy summer entertaining tips  for everything from a smashing backyard BBQ, to a quaint sandwich picnic or a brunch buffet complete with peach nectar spritzers. Love!


Pull up a gold tree stump stool why don't you? Extra seating is always important to have on hand in the summer months when the wafting scent of pulled pork on the BBQ tends to draw in a crowd. This gold wonder-log is my idea of the great outdoors.

In all its fabulous, hexagonal glory, this Jonathan Adler lacquer serving tray is a lust item indeed. A selection of pretty summer colours and sexy lines make this tray an outdoor entertaining lust. Carry mint juleps to your gracious guests or ice cream sammies to the kids, heck, use it as a centerpiece filled with a pretty collection of bud vases holding tulips.


There is no such thing as a summer party without ice and a glamaroo ice bucket to serve it from - although technically I think this may be a champagne bucket - but who cares, greet your guests with bubbly when they arrive and fill this baby back up with ice.

The ol’ mortar and pestel, time to dust this baby off as it’s a crucial summer must. Think marinades with fresh herbs, ground spice rubs for your ribs, mojitos, guacamole, BBQ pesto pizzas, I will stop…but you get the drift.  

And of course, get 'em while you can, Peonies, no explanation needed, an early summer must!

Well, this about rounds out my list of summer entertaining loves, lusts and musts (I never get sick of saying that); let the parties begin! Will you be playing host/hostess this weekend?


  1. Beautiful post and blog! Glad I found you thanks to BlogPodium, new follower :)
    Take care!

    Rai Atelier - Etsy Shop

  2. Love the little tree stump. Too fun!!

  3. Thanks! BlogPodium rocks; made lots of great connections, glad you dropped by :)