June 13, 2012

1 ITEM 3 WAYS || jonathan adler porcelain bowl

When was the last time you were swept away by an item in a store that you absolutely HAD to have? You love it beyond words and your brain starts playing out all of the wonderful ways in which you could use it, place and pair it? 
Ya, this happens to me all the time; my home accessory obsession has left me with buckets full of ceramic animal heads, candles, silver trays, and so much more.   I often look at these items and think hmmm “where else could I put you?” or “what else could I do with you?”. Sometimes when an item sits in one place for too long you become immune to its beauty.  So….I like to mix it up, use one item in many ways, change the scenery, let it spread its wings and fly.
Take this wonderfully happy-chic Jonathan Adler porcelain bowl (P.S. my most prized Home Sense find of 2012) my initial thought was “score! I can use this as a lovely decorative bowl”.  

Then my mind began to wander…what about as a vase, after all it is peony season, hot pink peonies would look smashing!

Then I made brownies, and I thought, hmmm, why not? A makeshift cake stand, cute!

I tried something with my jewelry; I put rings, watches and bracelets inside and hung/clipped some of my prettiest earrings on the side. It added a nice pop of colour to my dresser and showed off some of my fancies.  I like! 

The bowl will live here for now until I move ahead with finishing the bedroom, the last room in the house to complete.

It’s fun to take an object and show it off in different ways, get creative and don’t limit yourself to what it’s sold to you as or “intended” for.  

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  1. Great photos! And good ideas about the multi-purpose vase