June 15, 2012

CHIC SHACK || 1 year anniversary of our first home

It's a special day; this morning hubby and I looked at each other and realized, it's the 1 year anniversary of the day we bought this house, our first home!  Since neither of us really remembered until we rolled outta bed, we hadn't planned a celebration, hubs went off to watch a rugby game with the boys, so that leaves me here with a glass of wine writing this celebratory post - I'm suuuuure he will make it up to me ;).

I've been reflecting on the past year of ours in this sweet little home; I tell ya,  it's been jam packed with decorating o'plenty, entertaining, projects, laughs, cries, milestones and certainly lots of reflection on how grateful we are for all that we have and for the people that we share it with. 

Thought it would be fun to post a few highlights from our first year in our new home....

June 15th, 2011, the day we finally sealed the deal, a serious relief after a year of searching.

1 year ago today, new keys in hand!

Just a month and a bit later, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Hubs did good with the gift, he got me my wedding bouquet all over again, romantic right? Shoot, cue the waterworks,  tear drops on the keyboard, I'm a sentimental gal what can I say?

Garden roses and ranunculus 

Moving on; the holiday season was bananas for us, we hosted 10 parties in total. Truthfully, I was in hostess heaven, this is what I had been waiting for!  The most exciting and memorable event we hosted during this mad marathon, was our first Christmas with both sides of our family, again...the tears.

And then New Years, did I ever tell you how much we LOVE theme parties? Feast your eyes on a Mad Men New Years Eve bash. The retro decor, cool cat costumes and the most delish cocktails and nibbles from years gone by, a swell time indeed.

Fake ciggies and all

Mango Shrimp cups and crockpot meatballs

Lace and carnations, the perfect retro table setting. 

We were beat after HostFest 2011; keeping the house clean week after week for each new set of guests who would lay eyes on our new pride and joy for the very first time, was exhausting! So, we took a little vacay, St. Martin was the sunny spot.

A posh South of France vibe, two of our best friends, gourmet cuisine and sun, the perf recipe for relaxation.

Bai Longue, most breathtaking beach
Our digs, Villa Santa Clara in Terres Basses. A dream right?

We were inspired by the scenery and envied the plush patio we lounged by daily, so of course, when we got home we started planning our own outdoor reno, which is where we're at now, one year later.

paint options for the deck: ummm.... no to both 

In between it all we've made friends with the neighbours, enjoyed several walks along our tree lined street, frequented the local coffee shop and truly relished in the excitement of  the biggest and best purchase of our lives.

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