June 07, 2012

LANDSCAPE CHRONICLES || modern backyard patio project

Ever dream of an urban oasis that’s a little bit boutique hotel and a lot bit relaxing and lush?   Well...that’s all I can think about these days and now we're one step closer; we have a patio!  The backyard patio project has turned out to be one of the easiest and best experiences we’ve had since owning this house.  The decision on what material to use, the layout and how much grass to leave, was much more painful (as per usual with us) than the actual execution. Here’s how it all went down…
Parkview Building Supplies, whom I’ve mentioned before - pure awesomeness they are – plunked down in our front yard 6 humungo bags of crushed aggregate and concrete sand, one 4 yard bin and the 24x36” ivory limestone pavers we picked out.

The landscapers showed up with shovel in hand and were enthusiastic in their digging efforts; they excavated 8 inches.

From what I could see, as I spied from the bedroom window, they used the crushed aggregate to build the base and topped with concrete sand for the stone to rest on; you have to create a foundation that won’t shift once the stones have been laid in place, so they tell me :) . They leveled it off, with a slight slope to allow for drainage, not visible to the eye. 

Once it was all flush they began to lay the stone. You know how fast the roadrunner moves, meep, meep? Well they moved faster; 3 guys for 2 days and they were done, quickest installation ever! AND as a bonus they offered to lay the sod for us and they prepped the garden beds using triple mix, amaze!
Alas…she is everything I ever imagined, a perfectly symmetrical, mid-century modern dream.  It’s one of those projects that gives you a pit in your stomach, it’s so permanent and so expensive that no matter how it turns out you have to live with.  We couldn’t be happier with the result. It feels like it’s been there all along and it’s beyond exciting to finally have that extra space to lounge and entertain in. Now, let the fun begin, furniture placement, styling and accessorizing woohoo!

Apologies, not the most glam pic, shot through the screen of the second floor window (where I spied from)


  1. The last pic gives a pretty good view, thats such a fantastic little pocket of heavenly home goodness. A little carried away there, but hey whats life without spice. What do you plan to put in the corners lining the fence and grass? Plenty of ideas already, I hope! :)

    -Adam Aahmed

  2. Thanks! Yes, lots of ideas for the back corner, we couldn't decide between a tree(s) or a bush, so that will be a project for next summer.