August 22, 2012

BEFORE & AFTER || teak dining table transformation

Nothing excites me more than finding a diamond in the rough; a beat up, tossed aside or flat out ugly treasure that's crying out to be refinished, refurbished or even re purposed.  Our dining room table was one of these hidden gems. For a cool $350 (including delivery) this gorgeous antique Danish, teak table would become the future meeting place for dinner parties, game nights and crafting projects for many years to come.
Its unique oval shape fit well into our tight space, it had a beautiful base and an extra leaf which made this baby a done deal! I couldn't live with teak, it's nice, but not my style, so I decided I would stain it black (a choice that was NOT popular with the purist, craftsman we hired to do the dirty work).

Before: sad little fellow
Personally, I LOVE the transformation! Went from flat to glam in just a few short days and it tucked in perfectly to our petite dining area.

After: black beauty

It's a beautiful, well made vintage piece that I can keep around forever, and with a $400 stain job and a grand total of $750 all in, I feel like I won the furniture lottery!