August 28, 2012

Hotel Chic | City vs. Country

And...I'm almost off for an 18 day European vacation extravaganza, only 1 more sleep! London, Paris, Provence and the south coast of France, it doesn't get any better IMO. I spent last night reviewing all of our hotels and making sure we got the dates right; I fell in love all over again with some of the stunning places we'll be staying.  A little bit o' city and a little bit o' country, a sweet mix that will keep me interested, yet relaxed.
Here's a peek at some of the lovely city spots we'll be staying in London and Paris.  I tried to pick places that were quintessentially true to their cultural roots.  The design details are plentiful, patterns, gold and brass, and opulence in abundance.  

And things just keep getting better as we move south to Provence and Cannes.  The design takes a bit of turn to a more relaxed and simple vibe, less colour, less fuss, equally as gorgeous but less about the details, more about the atmosphere.  

I can already predict that I'll come back inspired, and totally obsessed with all of the fabulous interior design and historical beauty I'll be feasting my eyes on; one can only hope.  
While I'm away I've left a  few fun posts for you to enjoy (didn't want to neglect you of course). Miss me, Au revoir!

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