August 07, 2012

CHIC SHACK || fornasetti golden goodness

It's official, I was recently gifted one of my favourite decor pieces EVER!  And who would know exactly what would give me the ultimate design high? Yep...the hubs.  This was one of his brightest, shining moments, he presented me with the golden gift of whit and whimsy, a Fornasetti plate!  What makes this even more special is this gift was for our two year wedding anniversary; two years married symbolizes cotton or china gifts, so he went china, and totally nailed it.

I proudly hung this stunning piece of art and then died. Hubs even splurged for one of the uber glam plates in gold, it couldn't get any better.

Can you see my reflection? It's like a funhouse mirror, bleh.
The plate choices are endless, I loooove my version, but could stand to get about 30 more! This brochure came with and taunted me beyond.  The plan is to get three for the space above, stack them up vertically.

Haunting and innocent, these iconic eyes are now watching over our happy household, and now it's just a wee bit happier.

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  1. That is gorgeous. You hubs clearly knows what's what :)