August 15, 2012

WEEKEND GETAWAY || new york - the design

I'm back from the big apple and you better believe my socks were knocked off by all of the beauty, culture and design porn that makes New York one of the best cities on earth.  I'm going to let the pictures in this post speak for themselves, a feast for the eyes.

First stop, Tory Burch boutique on Madison Ave, the highlight of our trip. First of all, the store is a giant jewel box, brass, bold colours and shiny fixtures, stunning! Then, unexpectedly the store clerk offers us beer and champagne; we sit, we sip and simply take in this New York moment, something money couldn't buy, just us and the bevies in a glorified walk-in closet. Heaven.
Moving on to the Brooklyn Flea, so many fab finds, If I could of fit this sensational ceramic stool in my suitcase, I'd be staring at it right now.
Next, well...let's just say the "mecca", my personal holy land, Bergdorf Goodman's, Kelly Wearstler boutique.  It literally took my breath away, I was SO excited to be there, nerdy I know. What would you do for one of those funky head sculptures?! *faint*

And the Kdub party didn't stop there. I creepily peeked my head into the BG cafe on the 7th floor, that Kelly herself designed, just to get a glimpse of at least one hollywood glam detail. Hubs saw the awe in my eyes (and maybe a little tear too), and suggested we stay for a drink, yes please, 1 pink champagne coming up! 

I totally want to add this moulding detail to our guest bedroom, maybe too big of a task, but I LOVE!
On our last day just before we boarded the plane my friend suggested hitting up ABC Carpet & Home , boy was that the best idea EVER! This place was so huge and so inspiring, you need a week and a drool rag to get through it all.

Around every corner this enchanting city has something visually pleasing, from architecture to art and everything in between; I came back a better women, and no doubt a more envious one too.

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  1. Looks like a whirlwind of a trip. I'm sure you didn't even get to scratch the surface of all the other goodies NYC has to offer. Great photos!!