September 19, 2012

CHIC SHACK || master bedroom design, or lack thereof...

Hellooooo! I'm back from vacation, ahhhhh what a glorious trip of a lifetime indeed. As you can imagine a 19 day tour with 4 major destinations has left me wiped. Quite honestly, I'm not organized enough to show you some of the awe inspiring things I came across in my travels, so instead I'm going to complain about my unfinished bedroom!

This new motivation to finish what I started in our master is driven by all of the wonderful ideas and inspiration I soaked in while gallivanting around the globe.

This is what the bedroom looked like when we bought the house.

And here we are now, as you can see not much has changed. We've moved the bed out from under the window, bought curtains, a rug, side table, dresser and a lamp. Why you ask would someone purchase these items without a bigger plan or vision for the space? Who knows?! I was excited when we moved in to fully complete every space, I was on a buying frenzy, but a couple of months ago I realized, I don't have a plan!

Note the many paint testers on the wall, like I said, no plan.

I'm back now with a fresh set of eyes and a head full of ideas; I'm gettin' this room done! Stay tuned for the vision...

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