September 12, 2012

FETE || inspired by provence

Hello! Right now I’m in Provence (well at least that’s where I’m supposed to be accordingly to the carefully crafted schedule).  I’m most excited about taking in the lovely French countryside and enjoying a slower way of life. Entertaining in Provence would be so easy, the countryside as your backdrop, fresh lavender stuffed into vases, and the purest ingredients straight from the local market.
This is what al fresco dining in Provence looks like to me…  

How to pull it off:

Create the Perfect Cheeseboard         Linen Table Runner              Lavender Cupcake Recipe 


  1. Erin - I have fallen head over heels in love with your pics on instagram - and I RARELY say that about anyone's pix !
    Your site is beautiful too. I know I mentioned my friend Norma before to you on instagram but now I see that you are both almost NEIGHBORS !!!! She lives in Toronto in the beaches too !! I'm on my way to visit her today !!!
    Small world ! I bet you would love her site .... You and I have some awesome things in common too. I'm a designer - my site is Design the life you want to live.
    Cheers !! And have an awesome weekend

    1. Thanks Lynne :)! I checked out your friend's site, wish I discovered it before I went, but ah well, there's always next time...and there will be a next time!!

      Have been to your site before, love it, so positive and refreshing :)