May 30, 2012

DIY || personalized picture frame fillers

On any given day I have at least one, but let's be honest usually many more, DIY projects dancing around in my head. I'm constantly thinking of ways to personalize things, make them prettier, or flat out just make them altogether.
One of my best girlfriends had a milestone birthday this past weekend and as part of her gift I got her an amaze Jonathan Alder picture frame, we share the same obsession for home decor items. I didnt want to give an empty frame (I think that's bad luck isn't it?) so I thought -  hmmmm, how can I jazz this up a bit (my mother says that) -frames can sometimes be deemed as "default" gifts.

I came up with the idea to create an image that reflected this milestone, using Microsoft Power Point of all programs, yes, my computer skills are embarrassing, this is what I came up with. Cute right?

I used a digital background that I bought on Etsy, there are so many beautiful options, I spent a HOURS fawning over each and every one. I went with this yellow and white zig zag pattern and created the document. I set the background, formatted the size (in this case 4"x6") and added the message. Save, send to the 1 hour photo studio and set in the frame. That's it!

I was so excited about this idea that I got a little carried away; here's a kid friendly version for a gal pal who's expecting...

And here's one for my office, te he...

Now, if you don't have the same amazing computer skills as I do ;)  or the desire to DIY this, but like the idea of adding something to a frame to personalize it, you can always search Etsy (clearly my go-to) for lots of pretty pre-made frame fillers (well, technically these are cards, but if you find the right size there's no reason you can't pop one in). Have a peek at some fun ones I found....

 Maybe for a housewarming, engagement or graduation?

Or for a bride-to-be at her shower, include your favourite recipe for her?

For a new mom...

Easy as 1,2,3. I love!

Time: 30 minutes (to format and print)
Difficulty Level: 2/10 - almost anyone with a computer can do this
Cost: $6 (not including the frame)


  1. I loved the pressie so much Erin!! You are so thoughtful and crafty

    L x

  2. I LOVE every single one of your frames - they're SO pretty!

  3. Thanks, was a fun mini project!