June 01, 2012

LANDSCAPE CHRONICLES || pretty progress report

What an unbelievably gloomy day here in the Big Smoke, my Hunter boots are getting a real workout!  On the sunny side, there’s been some progress with the backyard reno, so I thought I’d share a few quick tidbits to get you up to speed.
Starting with the juiciest nugget first, we bought a fire pit! A legit, marvellously modern, glorious bowl o’ flames to stare endlessly at whilst listening to the heartbreaking sounds of the baby racoons squeal and the constant rumble of the streetcar passing by, aaaahhhh city life.
Here’s the dream. I so desperately wanted this pit, I love the light gray colour, obvi, and the mod river rock. Canadian made (Paloform) which is cool, but too freakin’ expensive.

And this is the reality. I still love, just not the exact look I was going for, but for $2000 less than its superior counterpart, we opted for this pretty Restoration Hardware model with lava rocks.  It's propane fueled, so it does have a cord that comes out of the side and knobs to adjust flame height (which they don't show in this lovely photo, grrrr). The propane has proven to be excellent, we get approximately 10 hours of burn time per 20 lb tank. 

She glows like a bride on her wedding day and I have to admit it’s kinda starting to feel like a hip boutique hotel back there.

We've also settled on the stone for the patio, a little less exciting I know, but we’re going with an ivory limestone, called Banas Stone, large format 24”x36”, fewer lines, more sleek. They didn't have a pic on their website of the ivory, it's a new colour so we lucked out, but it looks similar to this.

We purchased 2 of these side chairs for the patio; I think we need a third now that I see the massive scale of the fire pit.  Sometimes Ikea rocks my world; these are a direct nod to the mid-century mod butterfly chairs designed by one Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy .

made a rash purchase of these yellow seat cushions for the chairs, and the throw pillow version of the black and white striped ones for the sofa , both turned out to be a perfect fit. I feel better now that I have at least a couple pillows, buys me time to obsess over some more unique ones to complete the set.

Slowly but surely it's coming together, hey, maybe we'll even be able to enjoy the finished product before the summer ends?   

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